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Friday May 24th, 2024

Doors at 8pm, Showtime 9pm

Super Wonder Gallery

1162 Dundas Street West

When we last left The Madame, she had inherited a vast Menagerie from her dearly departed husband who has recently perished under unknown circumstances. Upon rifling through the pockets of one of his suits, she finds a note. The paper is soft and fragile, and the ink is barely legible, as if washed away. The only words that can be definitively made out is "...left at aquarium". With her curiosity piqued, the Madame descends down to the lower levels of the Menagerie...

Photography and film are highly encouraged

during your experience with The Menagerie!

Please make sure you are equally respectful to performers and other patrons while you make memories with us!

Tag your experiences on Instagram at @mayflycreates

Striking captures will be sent a discount code to a future instalment of The Menagerie.

The Cast

Aquarium - Charlie Quinn.png

The Crab

Aquarium - Gorge Michael.png

   The Orca

Aquarium - Tanya Cheex.png

                The Sea Monkey

Aquarium - Pegasus.png

   The Oyster

Aquarium - Sorpresa Sensual.png

The Guard - a Leopard

Aquarium - Chella Bella.png

The Sea Dragon

Aquarium - Stasia Fantasia.png

                       as Coral

Aquarium - Ruby Moon.png

                   The Goldfish

Aquarium - Smokin' Delores.png

The Axolotl



Logo - SquareGold_edited.png

Owner and Artistic Director - Knox Harter

Mayfly Creative Productions was conceived in 2019, and formally soft launched in 2023 with the promise of creating unique and interactive theatrical experiences designed for both conventional and unconventional spaces. Mayfly defies the status quo with inclusive casting for all event entertainment and creative productions, promoting body inclusivity, racial equality and queer representation. Mayfly is queer and female owned, and seeks to build new relationships with audiences and clients that share the same values of collaboration, equity and extraordinary entertainment quality.

Artistry at Mayfly Creative Productions primarily focuses on burlesque and cabaret arts (which can include elements of various dance styles, clown, vaudeville, sideshow and circus performance). Mayfly serves not only as a talent roster of these highly skilled entertainers, but a theatre production house to create memorable, one-of-a-kind experiences for venue and event entertainment. 

Special  Thank  You to...

Sorpresa Sensual

Ruth Gilson

Dottie Champagne

Adam Tupper

Want more Burlesque?


Join us for the FINAL Live Burlesque at MY House in the Junction before we create a new monthly format!

My House provides a warm and luxurious atmosphere, innovative cocktails and a decadent menu, while the entertainers of Mayfly Creative Productions perform throughout the crowd. It's a delight for all five senses!

My House

2882 Dundas Street W

show begins at 9pm, $15 cover at the door.

Tipping is highly encouraged!


For reservations for parties larger than 10, call 416-604-4555, or make a request HERE.

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