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 Friday May 24th, 2024   |   Doors 9pm, Showtime 10pm

Super Wonder Gallery, 1162 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Early Bird Tickets $30 until May 11th

When we last left The Madame, she had inherited a vast Menagerie from her dearly departed husband who has recently perished under unknown circumstances. Upon rifling through the pockets of one of his suits, she finds a note. The paper is soft and fragile, and the ink is barely legible, as if washed away. The only words that can be definitively made out is "...left at aquarium". With her curiosity piqued, the Madame descends down to the lower levels of the Menagerie…



Charlie Quinn

Chella Bella

Gorge Michael


Ruby Moon

Smokin’ Delores

Sorpresa Sensual

Tanya Cheex

And Knox Harter as The Madame

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